Vegan Turmeric Spelt Waffles with Baked Apple and Peanut Butter

These waffles are great for a weekend breakfast or brunch. They’re flavorful, healthy and easy to make.


A few days ago my friend Coco came over. She told me how she’s been reading “How Not To Die” and about turmeric. Apparently, turmeric (or otherwise known by it’s active compound curcumin) is a great spice to add to your food. Read More »

Vegan Chickpea Scramble

img_4845.pngThis dish is something I’ve been thinking of for a while but I never got the chance to actually make it. And somehow, online, I wasn’t able to find anything that was really like my idea. So this Sunday, I finally tried out my own spin on chickpea scramble. A vegan alternative for scrambled eggs.

I had this dish for breakfast but it’s also great for lunch (or a lazy dinner). It’s healthy, chock full of protein and customizable to your personal preference. I hope you enjoy!Read More »

Vegan Gluten Free Granola

A little while ago I was craving granola. 
But I wanted a gluten free and relatively healthy one as it just makes me feel way better.
With a couple of ingredients I had lying in the pantry I made this granola and it’s been my go-to ever since. It’s crunchy, nutty and a little sweet.

I love having this with a smoothiebowl, soy yoghurt or (my latest obsession) chia pudding, homemade chia jam and peanut butter.Read More »

Homemade Bircher Muesli + Update

Hello everyone,

I just got back from a wonderful relax vacation in the South of Spain. I spent days reading, sitting in the sun and swimming. It was exactly what I needed.

Now, however, I am back in autumn-y Netherlands. The leaves on the trees are turning orange, yellow and red and everywhere around me pumpkin-spiced things are manifesting. I love this time of year.Now if I could only finish my scarf I will be truly cozy (yes, I’m making myself a Harry Potter Ravenclaw-themed scarf, no, I will not apologize for my utter dorkiness).

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