Inside and Out

A while ago, my dad gave me a hard-drive that contained some old files of me and my sister. I decided to look through it and toss what I no longer need. But while looking through it, I came across all these old pictures of me, my sister, our family and our friends.

It was so strange seeing myself. I remember once, a few years ago, some of my college friends and I were looking at pictures of us through the years. And if there’s one thing that stood out, it’s how much I changed every single year.Read More »

5 things to keep in mind when going (back) to the gym

I’m going to the gym again. A lot.

I used to go every day when I was living in New Orleans, and for some reason when I came back, I just stopped. It’s been almost two years, but I’m back.
In order to make sure I do everything right I asked for help from a good friend of mine. She’s studying to get a trainer certificate and helped me make sure my posture/exercises are safe and set up a plan.

But now that I’ve been going for a couple of weeks there are a few things I’ve noticed. Things we all need to keep in mind when getting back into old habits (or when we’re just starting new ones). I think these tips are applicable to any new healthy habits you’re trying to adopt. So be sure to use them in any way you want or that suits your current situation, whether you’re going to the gym, eating healthier or trying to adopt a positive mindset.Read More »

Every woman should read this book!

Hey everyone,

It’s taken a while but I’m back with a book-post (the last one I posted was when I was still in New Orleans, which means it was over a year ago, which means that I almost had to give up my name “veganandherbooks”).

Today, I want to introduce to you a book that is life-changing, uplifting and inspiring.
I’m talking about Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe.Read More »


Hello everyone,

I’ve been living in a strange state these weeks.
I’ve got so many ideas running through my head. Projects to start here on my blog, things to do photography-wise, new things to cook, ideas for books (!). I want to start them all. I want to have the time to write a book. To be able to put all my creativity and effort into creating some wonderful piece of imagination that helps people. Makes them smile.

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Start-of-2018 Favorites

2018 is truly a new beginning for me. Not only will I be finishing my bachelors degree, I have also started connecting to my spiritual side and focused more on personal development. I’ve got some fun activities lined up where I will be connecting with like-minded people, I’ve been doing yoga every day and I’ve been educating myself more on spiritual issues.

As of Tuesday I’ve officially started the preparations for my research paper. I’m hoping I can incorporate my interest in spirituality by focusing on Native American spirituality and culture. This way I can insert some fun into a project that I wasn’t looking forward to, initially. Positive outlook, people. Manifest those positive thoughts.

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Not Knowing

It’s okay not to know things. It’s okay not to have things figured out.

These aren’t things we hear often but I believe they’re true. Living in this western civilization we’re constantly told that we have to have things figured out. We need to know what we want to be when we grow up, we need to know where we want to live, what to study etc. It never ends.
But sometimes you just don’t know. Out society should be more accepting and appreciative of the moments of figuring things out. However long they take.

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t try to figure things out. We definitely should. But we shouldn’t hate ourselves for being busy figuring things out when other people may be much farther along. We should definitely strive to learn more, to figure things out and to grow. It’s just important that we don’t strive for perfection. Perfection is not natural and even though it may seem that some people have the perfect life, no one really does. A perfect life doesn’t exist; everyone deals with struggles, doubts and challenges. And these all come together in moments of not knowing what to do next.

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5 Books You May Not Have Read, Yet

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while. Last time I posted something I shared with you my recipe for Bircher Muesli. I’ve sometimes been adding spirulina to that, lately. I hope some of you have made it and enjoyed it.

But right now, it’s time for bookish things. Over the years I’ve read a lot of books. A LOT. Maybe too many. Wait, there is no such thing. Just a lot, it is.
Some books are really popular and everyone’s heard of them, but there are also books that not a lot of people know about. Books that should get so much more credit than they currently have. So with this post I hope to introduce you to some books that are really great, that you may not have read yet, but really should!

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No More Apologizing

Too often I find that I’m hesitant to tell someone I like a certain book, movie, tv-series or something else. There’s this little voice inside that tells us that we’re kind of stupid, or childish for liking certain things. This little voice makes us feel ashamed for liking what we like and for enjoying the things that make us happy.

I believe this doesn’t make any sense. Why should we be embarrassed to admit that something makes us happy? Isn’t that the best thing that a work of art or entertainment can do? Make us happy.
This exact thing is mentioned in one of my favorite movies; Liberal Arts. When they’re talking about a vampire novel Jesse tries to make Elizabeth understand that she shouldn’t like it. According to him it’s terrible, even though he hasn’t read it. Elizabeth tells Jesse ‘I liked it. It was fun and stupid. And it passed the time. And it’s not Tolstoy, but it’s also not television. And it made me happy.’

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5 Reasons Why Books Are Great

I love books. If you hadn’t gathered that yet from my Instagram, Goodreads or the title of this very blog, I’ll say it again…. I LOVE BOOKS!
Okay, that was a bit loud. But you get it, I love books. I’m always reading a book and much like Rory Gilmore I carry one with me wherever I go (even though I am completely aware of the fact that most of the times I will not actually be able to read them).
I prefer reading fiction but as of late I’ve also been reading non-fiction. I read classics, romance and even books like Harry Potter (but who hasn’t, really?).

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