Inside and Out

A while ago, my dad gave me a hard-drive that contained some old files of me and my sister. I decided to look through it and toss what I no longer need. But while looking through it, I came across all these old pictures of me, my sister, our family and our friends.

It was so strange seeing myself. I remember once, a few years ago, some of my college friends and I were looking at pictures of us through the years. And if there’s one thing that stood out, it’s how much I changed every single year.Read More »


I’m bored.

There’s no other way to say it. I’m bored. I need something new in my life. Something that makes me feel warm and tingly inside. That feeling that you get when you know you’re going to do something with no clue how it will end. It’s the feeling you have when you’re traveling; every day when you wake up. Anything can happen.Read More »

Dealing with Negative Energy

In our lives we all deal with negative energy. It can come from someone in your circle of friends and family or a stranger, it can come from a place or it can even come from outside. Sometimes we don’t realize what or whom we’re being influenced by it until it’s too late. Our day can be completely ruined because we don’t realize we’ve been influenced by negative energy from around us. So what can we do to fix this? How can we make sure that negative energy doesn’t have such a strong effect on us?

When the negative energy comes from an outside source, try to be an observer. The first step is realizing what happens and finding out where it comes from. Acknowledge that someone is sending off negative vibes and that they’re getting to you.
When you realize that someone else is sending off this negative energy there’s two things you can do. Distance yourself completely from that person and don’t pay any attention. But this may actually still cause negative energy to cling to you, whether from the original person or from your own guilt of not being more helpful. You see, by ignoring the situation you’re simply shielding yourself rather than countering the negative energy with positive energy.

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Start-of-2018 Favorites

2018 is truly a new beginning for me. Not only will I be finishing my bachelors degree, I have also started connecting to my spiritual side and focused more on personal development. I’ve got some fun activities lined up where I will be connecting with like-minded people, I’ve been doing yoga every day and I’ve been educating myself more on spiritual issues.

As of Tuesday I’ve officially started the preparations for my research paper. I’m hoping I can incorporate my interest in spirituality by focusing on Native American spirituality and culture. This way I can insert some fun into a project that I wasn’t looking forward to, initially. Positive outlook, people. Manifest those positive thoughts.

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Speak Your Dreams

Recently I’ve started noticing something. Every time I ask someone ‘What is something that you want to accomplish in life, something you want to learn, see, do or experience?’ it’s hard for people to answer. Some people tell me they want to ‘be happy’, implying that they aren’t right now, which is really sad. Other people simply ‘don’t know’. And then there are people who will immediately answer with something like ‘see the northern light’ or ‘learn how to tap-dance’. These are the people who know what they’re doing.

I think it’s really interesting to observe these answers. You see, in the end, the most basic thing we humans want is to be happy. But giving this as an answer isn’t enough. It makes happiness such an abstract thing that it is impossible to do anything to actually acquire it. It makes it an impossible goal that is always on the horizon with no paths leading towards it.

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Being Your Ever-Changing Self

You should never let other people determine your happiness. It’s extremely dangerous not to be in charge of your own happiness.

I let other people control my happiness for years. I gave everyone power they didn’t deserve, or want. Someone could say a single thing and I would spiral back into a big black hole. Most of the time they didn’t even mean to hurt my feelings, but once you start being unstable, after a while, everything will knock you over. I took everything as a personal attack and every conversation left me feeling sad and alone. It’s like they say: ‘If you don’t stand for something,  you’ll fall for anything.’

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Vegan Tofu Red Curry Sandwich

Hey all,

I’ve been working on a couple of blog posts but I thought I’d share a recipe with you, first. I don’t always eat bread for lunch but sometimes I like to make myself a nice sandwich with veggies and more. I make a lot of tempeh-tomato-avocado sandwiches but that’s too easy.img_1558-e1544386013474.jpg
Below you’ll find the recipe to one of the sandwiches that I love to make. It’s flavorful, healthy and delicious. It’s relatively easy to make and also makes a great lunch to take with you (the tofu tastes good while still hot but it’s also good when it’s cooled down).Read More »


Smile. Sometimes, just smile for no reason.

It’s strange how this works. Sometimes you need to force your body to smile before you can let your soul do the same.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of yoga. Yoga is a way for me to relax, wind down and let go of all the stress and negativity (and, of course, it’s a way of getting in a workout). It’s an amazing thing to incorporate in your life, but that’s not what I want to talk about today.

I’ll probably dedicate another post to yoga, someday soon.
Let’s get back to the point. There are moments when the instructor on the video tells me to smile. I can’t explain it, but when I’m in the midst of my yoga practice – already a somewhat meditation-like practice – and I’m told to smile, it’s like every part of my being smiles. It’s like waking up at 10 in the morning when you’re on vacation. That moment when you open your eyes and the sunlight just comes rushing in, filling you to the brim with light and love and an overwhelming sense of positivity and possibility. I know, it sounds strange, but that’s how great it feels.

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Not Knowing

It’s okay not to know things. It’s okay not to have things figured out.

These aren’t things we hear often but I believe they’re true. Living in this western civilization we’re constantly told that we have to have things figured out. We need to know what we want to be when we grow up, we need to know where we want to live, what to study etc. It never ends.
But sometimes you just don’t know. Out society should be more accepting and appreciative of the moments of figuring things out. However long they take.

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t try to figure things out. We definitely should. But we shouldn’t hate ourselves for being busy figuring things out when other people may be much farther along. We should definitely strive to learn more, to figure things out and to grow. It’s just important that we don’t strive for perfection. Perfection is not natural and even though it may seem that some people have the perfect life, no one really does. A perfect life doesn’t exist; everyone deals with struggles, doubts and challenges. And these all come together in moments of not knowing what to do next.

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