Getting Back on Track: Living Healthfully

Lately I’ve really been getting on track again when it comes to healthy living. I’m watching what I eat, exercising more and minding my mental state. While I’m nowhere near perfect I have learned some things already that I would like to share with you all. Hopefully this post will help you or motivate you to live a healthy and happy life again.

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Healthy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

A little while ago I was really in the mood for cookies. But the problem: the ones in the supermarket are almost completely non-vegan. And most recipes online require tons of sugar, vegan butter or oil. So I decided to make some “healthier” vegan chocolate chip cookies. These are fluffy, light and almost like little cakes. They kind of remind me of the Lenny & Larry cookies.


They obviously don’t taste like the super unhealthy chocolate chip cookies from the store, but if you’re feeling like them and don’t want to be super unhealthy these are a great way to get your choc-chip-fix.

So I hope you enjoy this recipe. If you make them please let me know in the comments below what you think.

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Healthy Vegan Fruitcake

I love food and I love to eat. I always have. As you may expect, this means that I like snacks, too. But for a couple of years, now, I have been focused on being really healthy. So how can I snack healthily?

Well, I’ve come up with a recipe for little cakes that are really healthy, have no added sugar, are completely vegan and gluten free. I love having them as a snack or for breakfast, even! These little cakes can be made two different ways, depending on your mood or preference. But I suggest switching them off. That way you won’t get bored of them.Read More »

Like a Boomerang

Too often we get stuck in an imaginary race. We want to be better than people we know or see online. We want to have more followers, more likes or more friends. We create these challenges for ourselves that are unattainable and end up leaving us feeling empty and failing. Why?

It just ends up making us all scared to admit we want something. For years I’ve noticed people saying things such as ‘I don’t care about this’ like it’s cool not to care. Read More »

Seed Crackers and Fresh Hummus

I love savory food. I always have. Especially things like little crackers with a topping. Only problem is: they’re not very healthy and incredibly easy to eat way too much of.

So what to do when we get those munch snack feelings? I recommend the following recipe. They’re seed crackers, completely whole foods, which means they’re less fattening and actually contain healthy omegas. They’re also super easy to make and keep for little while in a closed container.

toast en hummus.jpg

I’ve also included my favorite hummus dip. These crackers taste great when topped with this hummus. The perfect combination of soft, fresh hummus and the full taste of all the seeds.Read More »

Difficult Changes, Beautiful Souls, Wonderful Growth

Sometimes, you lose connections. Connections to places and people. You were once tied to them by an almost unbreakable string. But the string has snapped.

You stepped outside their comfort zone to develop your own mind, person and spirit. Yours is simply changing. Taking on different shapes and different colors.

Last Saturday, I went to a potluck. We ate, as you always do at a vegan potluck, we made music, danced around, did card readings and talked, a lot. But still, this time was different. Time flew by. I was with a group of people so inspiring, positive and connected to their souls I couldn’t help but leave feeling more energized, inspired and joyful.

Picture by Geke (

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Reduce Your Waste

As of late, I’ve started to realize how much plastic I use. It really bothered me so I decided to try and get more low-waste. But trying to reduce your waste can be incredibly daunting. Where to begin? Where to get different products? How to still find quality products?

I had these feelings, too, but I’ve got a little bit more experience, now that I’ve looked more into it. Living completely wasteless is obviously impossible in this day and age. But there are some things we can do to make sure we are a bit kinder to the earth. So below you will find 5 simple tips to help you ditch the plastic and single-use products, little by little.

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Healthy and Filling Vegan Kale Salad

Hey everyone,

Aside from work and university I’ve been really obsessed with Ellen Fisher’s Youtube videos, lately. I just love the positivity that radiates from her and her family. Living on Hawaii with fresh food in the garden…. she’s living the dream.
But she’s also inspired me to eat healthy again. These last couple of days I started to notice that I was eating slightly less healthy (which is okay, once in a while!). I usually notice when I start to eat less and less healthy and I think it’s okay to eat unhealthy occasionally, as long as you pick it up again in time.

So what’s the plan? I want to focus more on greens and fruit. I know I can’t eat too much fruit since that will upset my digestive system but I do want to slowly prepare my body for more fruit, as I love to eat lots of fruit in summer. (Don’t get excited, though. It’s still freeze-your-ass-off cold here in the Netherlands).

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Dealing with Negative Energy

In our lives we all deal with negative energy. It can come from someone in your circle of friends and family or a stranger, it can come from a place or it can even come from outside. Sometimes we don’t realize what or whom we’re being influenced by it until it’s too late. Our day can be completely ruined because we don’t realize we’ve been influenced by negative energy from around us. So what can we do to fix this? How can we make sure that negative energy doesn’t have such a strong effect on us?

When the negative energy comes from an outside source, try to be an observer. The first step is realizing what happens and finding out where it comes from. Acknowledge that someone is sending off negative vibes and that they’re getting to you.
When you realize that someone else is sending off this negative energy there’s two things you can do. Distance yourself completely from that person and don’t pay any attention. But this may actually still cause negative energy to cling to you, whether from the original person or from your own guilt of not being more helpful. You see, by ignoring the situation you’re simply shielding yourself rather than countering the negative energy with positive energy.

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