Vegan favorites: London Edition

Anyone who knows me, knows I love London. It’s a love that’s existed from the very first time I went there with my parents. Since then I’ve visited London at least once a year, every year and I still love it when I get there. There’s always new things to discover, places that inspire me or people to meet. It is my dream to one day move somewhere just outside of London and be able to enjoy the city whenever I can. London truly is the only place I’ve ever felt at home.Considering my love for the city it’s crazy to think that I haven’t written a post about vegan food in London, yet. There’s just so much to mention! But, I’ve finally gotten to it. It’s a long one, but I just had to show you all the great places. I hope you enjoy, and let me know where you went or want to go in the future. 

  1. Yorica
    img_4784Vegan frozen yogurt topped with fruit, cookies and sweets. What more do you want? Every time I’m in London I make sure to eat here at least once (I live across the ocean and their collector’s stamp card is always in my wallet, waiting for the free frozen yogurt I might one day be able to buy). Me and my friends went here even when it was freezing cold in December. Aside from the great 70’s vibe inside there’s the greatness of the food. They have several flavors of vegan frozen yogurt and ice creams. Everything they sell is vegan and free from all major allergens. My favorite flavors are chocolate and matcha.
  2. Mildreds
    Very well known with several locations throughout the city. I make sure to go to the one near King’s Cross as it tends to have more free tables than the one in Soho. That one always seems to be completely full. They have many different dishes; Asian, European, American, whatever you can think of. Their dumplings are delicious but my favorite thing by far that I’ve ever had there is the artichoke crostini. It’s got this delicious creamy sauce and artichokes that melt on your tongue. A-ma-zing!
  3. Deliciously Ella’s Deli
    I love deliciously Ella’s food. I have several of her cookbooks and the recipes never fail to amaze me. If you want to get some delicious food that’s also (relatively) healthy I recommend her Deli. It’s just off of Oxford street and they have a menu that changes with the seasons. The last time I went to london on my own I ate here almost every night. It sounds crazy but the food was just so delicious and made me feel so great that I couldn’t resist. PSA: Whatever you do, make sure you also order their garlic bread. It will change your life.
  4. V Burger Camden
    img_4782Camden is great; the vintage shops, the stables themselves, the young-hipster vibe, it’s unique in all it’s messiness. One of the best things about Camden, however, is the food. There are many different restaurants on the market, many of which offer vegan dishes. I’ve featured two of my favorite Camden restaurants on this blog but I hope you explore the market on your own, as well. I’m not a girl that’s big on burgers, but V-Burger always satisfies me. I tend to order the crispy cheeseburger. They have several different patties and toppings to choose from and they also offer fries, drinks and desserts.
  5. Vida bakery
    A bit further from the city center but definitely worth the trip. Vida Bakery is a place I discovered only on my last trip. They’ve got many different cakes, cupcakes and cookies, all of which look and taste amazing. I talked to the owners a little bit while I was there and they were so sweet. The vibe in the place really feels like anyone can hang out there. I went there to have some cake and write but I saw mothers and children come in, teenagers and even an elderly woman. Back to the food: next time I’m trying the chocolate cake but this time I went for the rainbow cake because, how often can you eat the rainbow?
  6. Whole Foods
    img_4781Okay, so Whole Foods isn’t really a restaurant, but they do offer some great fresh food. You can go there to get some food to eat in your hotel/AirBnB or hostel but they also have a bar with pizza’s, sushi, smoothie bowls, coffee and cake. I went for their acaï bowl. Definitely was the best way to cool down in the heat of summer.
  7. Zizziimg_4787
    A regular restaurant with vegan options. Great to go when you’re traveling with non-vegans. Zizzi offers amazing dishes: starters, pizza, pasta and desserts. I especially like their bruscetta and rustica pizza; this crust is just perfectly thin and crusty. You can order a pre-made pizza and/or add some toppings of choice and I especially recommend the vegan cheese and balsamic onions, but of course, the choice is up to you.
  8. Young Vegans
    img_4788This is the second place in Camden I want you to know about. Vegan pies, mash and gravy? While I’m not a big fan of mashed potatoes I do enjoy a good pie. I believe they had three different options pie-wise, all of which looked amazing. They were so flavorful and filled to the brim with filling. The peanut butter brownie we had for dessert topped this meal off as a win!
  9. Ethos
    This restaurant is a 5 minute walk from Oxford Street station. They offer a vegetarian buffet that contains many vegan options. They weigh your plate (or to-go container) and depending on how full your plate is, you pay. They also have some desserts but you might run the risk of being too full from the regular buffet.
  10. La Suite West
    img_4790Of course, when you’re not from Britain, you want to have proper British high-tea when you visit London. All the regular ones, however, are not vegan. Me and my mom went to La Suite West a couple of years ago to try their vegan high-tea. I loved it! I especially liked their scones with coconut cream and strawberries. The perfect vegan version of scones with clotted cream. It is a bit more pricy to go here, but since it’s a one-time thing, and utterly delicious, I think it’s definitely worth it.

Honorable mentions:
Pret a Manger: While not vegan, Pret can be found all over London. There’s also veggie Pret but even the regular ones have a bunch of vegan options. I especially like the artichoke sundried tomato baguette and the acai bowl.

Ms Cupcake: the little stand at King’s cross has got some delicious vegan cupcakes that are a must try. Pick one up and head over to the other side of the station to look at the 9 3/4 shop (Harry Potter).

By Chloe: very American food but definitely delicious. When I went there there was a really long line, and in all honesty the feel of the place wasn’t that amazing. But I really loved the vegan Caesar salad I had.

Cookies and Scream: rock music, baked goods and tea in a Metallica mug? Definitely fun to visit this place. It’s completely different from all the other places but if you’re in the neighborhood it’s worth a visit.

Of course new vegan restaurants keep popping up all over the city. There will always be something new to discover. Please also let me know if you know of a new place in London I should try on my next trip there. And don’t forget to let me know in the comments what your favorite restaurant in London is.

love, isabelle

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