Vegan Favorites: Disneyland Paris Edition

Just two days ago I came back from Disneyland Paris. I LOVED it.

After coming back I figured I should put up another “vegan favorites” blog for my vegan travel series. It’s hard to really call these foods “favorites” as Disneyland Paris is notoriously ill-suited for vegans (but for the sake of maintaining some coherence in this vegan-travel-series the title remains).
It is perfectly possibly to visit Disneyland Paris as, or with, a vegan. You just have to know where to go and what to get.


Alida, the friend I went with, isn’t vegan but she is mostly vegetarian. While definitely not a prerequisite, it is really great to go with someone who is understanding of your vegan predicament.
We mostly visited restaurants that were (relatively) affordable. This means most places were self-service. Self-service is a term used for restaurants where you have to get your food at the counter and then take your tray to a table.
The themed restaurants in the parks are really expensive so we only went there once, for the experience.
I’ve indicated how much you’ll likely pay in each place to make it a bit easier for you to decide where to go. Just keep in mind that these price ranges are for the vegan options, not the regular meal combos. Also, while 8 euros for a sandwich may seem like much, you won’t get it any cheaper within Disneyland Paris, it’s just not a very wallet-friendly place.

  1. Earl of Sandwich
    Location: Disney Village (near the end).
    Price range: € 8 – 15
    One place I had read and heard a lot about was Earl of Sandwich. It’s just your average sandwich self-serve. But since the bread is vegan it’s really easy to make a sandwich vegan. Personally, I loved to get the Caprese sandwich with avocado instead of mozzarella. Since most of the flavor comes from the balsamic vinegar and basil the sandwich tastes amazing with the vegan alteration.
  2. Fuente del Oro
    Location: Frontierland (across from Big Thunder Mountain).
    Price range: € 4 – 10
    Mexican/Latin American food is generally quite easy to veganise. Their use of rice, nachos and beans make it incredibly easy just to leave out the cheese.
    We went to Fuente del Oro for lunch on our second (or was it third?) day. For vegan options get the nachos with guacamole and salsa and the Mexican rice. Both really good and much better than I expected.
    Be sure to go here after you take a ride in Big Thunder. Going on a roller coaster with this much food in your stomach may not be the best idea.
  3. Agrabah Café
    Location: Adventureland (just right after the entrance near the castle).
    Price range: € 32,99 (it’s a buffet so it’s a set price).
    In order to get the full Disney experience you want to visit at least one themed restaurant. Agrabah Café is your best bet, there. It’s all Mediterranean (Aladdin style) so there’s plenty of hummus, beans and olives to enjoy.
    When I asked someone about ingredients they immediately got me an allergen menu. They have a few of them near the counter so be sure to ask for one. It helped me find out that the flatbread/wraps were vegan. I also really enjoyed the lentil-tomato-onion salad and hummus.
  4. Snacks
    Location: Stores and carts all over the parks.
    Price range: € 5 – 6
    You walk a lot when you’re in Disney. My friend had a pedometer on her phone and it indicated that we took at least 18000 steps a day.
    I really recommend bringing some bars with you (I took some Pro bars and Trek bars). But sometimes you just want something else. Almost every store and cart sells popcorn (both salted and sweet). They’re quite expensive, as is everything in the parks, but they are vegan and come in a cute Disney container.
  5. Vapiano
    Location: Just outside the entrance between Studios and the World of Disney store.
    Price range: € 12 – 20img_3564We visited Vapiano for our last dinner. We already knew about it as the Italian chain is all over Europe. They always have several vegan options that are clearly marked. They tend to be salads or pastas but all very filling and delicious.
    I had the Pasta Arrabiata and added some
    basil on top. It was delicious and flavorful.

Lastly, I want to mention the “Vegan Kitchen” in Disney Studios park. I came across this when we were walking around and initially I was really excited. The food they offer, however, is not that great and considering how much you pay for it extremely little! I really don’t recommend going there as it will be a waste of money. We appreciate the effort so let’s hope DLP will step up their vegan game, soon.

Just because you’re vegan you shouldn’t miss out on amazing experiences such as going to Disneyland Paris. There are plenty of ways to be vegan anywhere you go. Just be prepared, practical and adjust your expectations. You don’t want to ruin your vacation just because you were dissatisfied with a meal!
So go! Laugh, run around, take pictures, go on rides, scream, shop and don’t let your lifestyle choice keep you from going the places you want to go.


love, isabelle

7 thoughts on “Vegan Favorites: Disneyland Paris Edition

  1. Disneyland is so awesome! And I`m happy that they offer some vegan food, even though it`s not much. Hakuna Matata have some vegan stuff as well.

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