Vegan Favorites: Berlin Edition

Just yesterday I came back from Berlin. My friend Coco (@the_rebelliousone on Instagram) and I took a trip of 4 days. We walked around, shopped, saw some sights, took some pics and enjoyed some of the amazing vegan food Berlin has to offer.


I think Berlin is a fun place to visit. As far as cities go it’s not as good as London, for me (but I don’t know if any place ever will be). Berlin is dirtier than most cities and for some reason parts of it, subway stations for excample, are crumbling down but no one around seems to care. That didn’t make the trip any less fun, though.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to visit Berlin now is because it’s known as the vegan Capitol of Europe. The vegan food on offer in restaurants, not to mention supermarkets and the all-vegan supermarket Veganz, is insane.
So without further ado, I will present to you: my favorite vegan places to eat in Berlin.

  1. Superfoods and Organic Liquids
    This place is amazing. We ate here 3 times and I wish they had a location in the Netherlands (they have two locations in Berlin). This place serves smoothiebowls, yoghurt bowls, salads, smoothies and baked goods. All relatively healthy but incredibly delicious. They also have a to-go fridge which comes in handy when traveling. My favorite was the acai-yoghurt bowl and Coco loved the matcha-yoghurt bowl. I definitely recommend this place for breakfast or lunch!
  2. 1990 Vegan Living
    Savory-food-wise this place was the big winner. They serve vegan Vietnamese food. You can order one dish but we decided to go for several smaller dishes. That way we got to taste a bunch of everything. The food was amazingly flavorful and left us feeling happy and satisfied. Especially the the tofu in the leaves were amazing!
  3. Momo’s
    If there’s one thing I’ve always loved and wanted more of since going vegan it’s dumplings. They are just the most amazing little wrapped up pieces of deliciousness. Momo’s serves up 6 kinds of dumplings (4 of which are vegan). You can get them steamed, baked or you can opt for the half-and-half option. Personally, I prefer dumplings steamed.
    They were incredibly inventive and flavorful. Especially the broccoli-shiitake-tofu and the potato-cabbage-carrot were really delicious.
  4. Dolores
    This is just your average build-your-own-burrito place. You can opt for bowls, burrito’s and more and they have plenty of vegan options (including vegan meat). Definitely not that special but incredibly delicious. Also, the burrito’s are huge and relatively cheap. So definitely a great place to go when you’re hungry.
  5. Brammibal’s Donuts
    Last, but not least, we’ve got a donut place. Not just any donut place. A completely vegan, sweet, diabetes-inducing donut place. They’ve got plenty of flavors, from peanut-butter-chocolate to plum-filled, all equally sweet and delicious. Brammibal’s is definitely a must-visit for any vegan that visits Berlin.

    Honorable mention:
    No Milk Today: delicious breakfast, lunch or baked goods. The place looks pretty interesting, too.

For all my Dutch readers: don’t forget to visit Coco’s blog, too: 

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