Reduce Your Waste

As of late, I’ve started to realize how much plastic I use. It really bothered me so I decided to try and get more low-waste. But trying to reduce your waste can be incredibly daunting. Where to begin? Where to get different products? How to still find quality products?

I had these feelings, too, but I’ve got a little bit more experience, now that I’ve looked more into it. Living completely wasteless is obviously impossible in this day and age. But there are some things we can do to make sure we are a bit kinder to the earth. So below you will find 5 simple tips to help you ditch the plastic and single-use products, little by little.


  1. Re-usable produce bags 
    Most supermarkets have little plastic bags near the produce section for you to stash your fruit and vegetables. Sometimes, you may be able to use paper bags, but why not re-use your bags?
    So instead of using plastic bags every single time you buy a few tomatoes or a bunch of apples, try bringing your own re-usable produce bags. They are pretty cheap and make such a difference!
    For my Dutch readers I’ve linked a website below that sells re-usable, organic cotton produce bags. I’ve really been loving this website. They also sell re-usable bread bags, water bottles, make-up swipes and more. I definitely recommend paying them a visit.
  2. Water bottles
    I don’t care how many times you hear it, see it or read about it. Buy a re-usable water bottle and fill it. You can save so much plastic!
    Also, most re-usable water bottles look way nicer and really aren’t that expensive in comparison.
    I won’t say any more on this subject except for: get a re-usable bottle!
  3. Bar soap
    I have recently decided that I will no longer buy shower soap in a plastic bottle. Bar soap works just as well and saves the whole packaging process. So instead, I’ll opt for bar soap. There are an incredible amount of options when it comes to smell and color. So there will definitely be some that you like.Just make sure you get a vegan bar, as not all of them are.
    I am currently using a bar soap I got for my birthday, last year. Once this one finishes I’ll go to Lush for a new bar.
  4. Make-up remover
    Another thing that produces a lot of waste is make-up remover. I used to buy pads that you use once and then throw away. Not only that, they also come in a plastic packaging. So… much… waste…
    I found re-usable make-up pads online. They’re basically cloth, one side a bit rougher than the other. You can wash them in the machine and use them again. I use the Lush 9 to 5 make-up remover with them and they work great. Definitely worth the money.
  5. Lush
    As you may be able to tell… I love Lush.
    I just love this brand to no end. Most of my skincare products are from lush. Not only are they great when it comes to using whole ingredients and vegan products they also have a recycle system. Basically, when you have 5 empty Lush jars you can trade them in in the store for a free face mask. So not only will you help in the recycle process, you also get a free face mask. I do recommend people to save all Lush containers and trade them in, even if you don’t get the free mask for it. It’s just such a small effort to bring the other containers as well, and they can just re-use it. Just make sure you clean the container before handing it in.Some of my favorite Lush products:
    – ‘9 to 5’ as make-up remover.
    – ‘Aqua Marina’ facial soap.
    – ‘Eau Roma Water’ as toner for after you’ve cleaned your face.
    – ‘Enzymion’ relatively new to me but I’ve been loving it as a day/night-moisturizer.
    – ‘R&B’ to keep my curly hair frizz-less.
    – ‘Comforter bubble bar’ for delightfully, relaxing baths.
    – ‘Breath of god’ solid perfume.

I hope these tips help you get on the waste-reducing path. Even if you can’t reduce as much as you’d like, you can do as much as is possible for you. It’s all about small steps in the right direction.

love, isabelle

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