Start-of-2018 Favorites

2018 is truly a new beginning for me. Not only will I be finishing my bachelors degree, I have also started connecting to my spiritual side and focused more on personal development. I’ve got some fun activities lined up where I will be connecting with like-minded people, I’ve been doing yoga every day and I’ve been educating myself more on spiritual issues.

As of Tuesday I’ve officially started the preparations for my research paper. I’m hoping I can incorporate my interest in spirituality by focusing on Native American spirituality and culture. This way I can insert some fun into a project that I wasn’t looking forward to, initially. Positive outlook, people. Manifest those positive thoughts.

As I will have a lot less free time from now on I won’t be able to spend so much time doing whatever I feel like, as before. I have discovered some great things these past few weeks, however. So as my gift to all of you I’ve listed a couple of my favorite things of 2018 (so far), below. Maybe you know some of these, if so, please let me know what you think. If you don’t know them already I recommend looking into some of these ‘favorites’ I discuss below. I hope each item inspires you and fills you with positivity.

Podcast: A Beautiful Mess podcasta-beautiful-mess.jpg
Steph Yu is a Youtuber. I’ve been following her for quite a long time. Lately, however, I’ve been listening to all her podcast episodes, again. They’re incredibly inspirational. (And the fact that her podcast isn’t constantly interrupted by advertising, like a lot of other podcast series, is a big plus.) She asks questions like ‘What can I learn from this season of life’ instead of ‘I want something else’, and she talks about how stress and anxiety are past and future related emotions. All you can control is the now. So we should just breathe.
I can’t wait for the new talks she’ll bring out into the world. Every time I listen to one of her episodes I’m just incredibly inspired to live life to the fullest.

Television: Dharma & Greg
I know, I know. Dharma & Greg is a really old show. But I recently re-discovered it. Dharma’s optimism, openness and unconditional love really inspires me. She may be portrayed as a flaky, manic pixie dream-girl but I think there’s some qualities in the character that are really admirable and inspirational.
And even if that doesn’t do it for you there’s some great laughs.

Lifestyle: Yoga with Adrienne ‘True’
Yoga with Adrienne is my go-to guided yoga. In January 2018 she started a new ’30 days of yoga’ series called ‘True’. I really like this new series. It’s suitable for all levels of experience, it’s fun and most importantly there’s a distinct focus on mental clarity. Starting your day with one video of the true series is sure to wake you up and energize you for the rest of the day.


Books: Spiritual books
I used to read a lot of fiction. Let’s face it, only fiction. Lately, however, I’ve been reading some fiction and non-fiction related to spiritual topics. Below are some of my favorites, so far.

– The Alchemist
This is a fiction book about a Spanish shepherd who travels through Africa in search of a treasure. It’s all about getting to know yourself and your destiny. I loved it.
– Jonathan Livingston Seagull
A rather old book. It’s basically a short story (I read it one night in bed). It’s about a seagull who can’t help but go outside the norm. Being different and unique and how to deal with that is the central topic of the book.
– Tao of Pooh
Interested in Taoism? This book is for you. It’s basically a book that explains Taoism with the help of Winnie the Pooh. Not only is it very informative, it’s also incredibly well-written and enjoyable.
– The Path
This book was recommend to me by my colleague who runs the spiritual/religion department in the bookstore where I work. This book explains the development of Chinese philosophy. Each chapter deals with a different figure/philosophy thereby explaining the evolution of Chinese philosophy to what it is today. It’s not a very easy read but it is informative.
– Celestine Prophecy
This is the book I’m reading right now. I can’t tell you anything about it, yet, other than the fact that it’s a really nice read. I’ve been loving the messages that are put forth in the book. Have you read this book already? If so, what did you think of it? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Music: Nahko and Medicine for the PeopleNahko-And-Medicine-For-The-People-Hoka-Album-Review.jpg
I don’t remember how I found Nahko and Medicine for the people but ever since it’s the only music I’ve listened to. I love all the different influences; folk, indie, Latin and Native American. More than that the lyrics are also so wonderfully unique. Not the usual love songs but songs about life and spirituality. If you haven’t listened to their music I definitely recommend it. My favorite songs are: ‘The wolves have returned’, ‘Hamakua’, ‘Tus pies’ and ‘Love letters to god’.

Youtube: Koi Fresco *Vishudda Das*
I’ve been watching quite a lot of Koi’s videos, lately. They’re really informative about a number of topics related to spiritual and personal growth. If you’re looking for some basic information or a soul that shares his ideas about the world, I definitely recommend looking into his videos.

I hope you liked this (different) post. Let me know if you have any recommendations for me, and if you try any of the aforementioned let me know what you think.

love, isabelle

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