New Year 2018

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been posting a lot on here. Lately I just haven’t really felt inspired.
I always notice that during times when I feel a little off, a little less up-beat and energetic, my inspiration tends to be lost. These last couple of weeks this also made me notice how easy it is to give in to negative feelings and to let them overwhelm and overtake you completely. In a way, it is so much easier to just feel off, to feel bad or sad, than it is to be strong and put in the effort to make yourself happy again,

2018 For New Years I decided to set some goals. While I don’t really like NYE or the resolutions that are attached to them (people usually try to fulfill them for a week or so and then revert back to old ways) I do like the idea of a fresh start. A new beginning to try and improve oneself.
So this year I’ve got a couple of goals. Some are somewhat vague or abstract but I believe that commitment to them will help me grow. Because that’s what life is all about; improving yourself and growing as a being.

Last year there were times when I kind of let reading slide. I didn’t start a book because the idea of starting something felt like too much when I already had so much to do. Lately I’ve been reading some more again and it’s made me realize how happy it makes me to just sit down on my couch or bed with a cup of tea and a book. So I want to do that more. It’s important to spend time doing things that make you happy.

Doing things that make me happy. That brings me to my next point. Grow. I want to grow as a person, in whatever way that means. I want to become a more balanced, grounded and well-rounded person. I think all these other goals play into that, but it is definitely a separate goal that I have to remind myself of this year.

I want to do more Yoga. For years I’ve been a sporadic Yoga practitioner. Somehow I always end up doing it a couple of times and then not for months. It’s a cycle. I want to do more Yoga this year, maybe even take classes. Every time I get off the mat I realize how Yoga helps me calm down and clear my mind. I think I need that more in my life to keep the balance. So Yoga it is.

I’ve been writing for years. It started with poetry and song lyrics, then came the blog and now I’ve been working on books. I want to write more. Even if no one ever gets to read my stories I want to write them down. I know that may be harder this year since I have to write a final thesis for my bachelor’s degree and start a masters. But I want to keep on writing, anyhow. Just for the sake of writing.

Comfort zone
I believe people have different comfort zones. Some spread wider and some are smaller. Mine seems very small. In 2017 I started challenging myself, getting out my comfort zone, doing things that scare me but seem interesting at the same time. I want to continue this. Not to the point of forcing myself into situations I do not want to be in but in the sense that I will try things that interest me or seem like fun even though they kind of scare me. It’s hard but it’s part of growing as a person.

I want to make sure that I travel this year. Going to New Orleans and London reminded me again how much I love to travel. I want to make sure I go somewhere this year. I don’t know yet whether it will be a longer trip to Eastern Europe, a city trip to Berlin, or a Yoga retreat in Bali. Whatever it is, I want to do something.

This year I went away with and became closer friends with two vegan friends of mine. I really liked the feel of hanging out with like-minded people with similar views or morals. This year I want to try and hang out more with like-minded people. This, of course, isn’t something I can really control completely but I will keep a sharp eye open for opportunities that come along for me to meet such people.

I guess the gist of it all is that I want to live a balanced life. I want to incorporate exercise, creativity, meditation, travel, sociability, spirituality and intellectualism. I want to find a way to feed all my conscious and subconscious wants in a positive way while not neglecting other parts of my soul.

So now it’s your turn. What are your New Year’s resolutions, goals or aspirations? If you’re not vegan, yet, do you want to try out Veganuary or Challenge 22? Do you want to learn or create or move? Do you have any aspirations that are similar to mine or are yours completely else? Either way, I think it could be beneficial to occasionally remind ourselves of what we’re striving towards in life. Even if it’s as vague as ‘grow as a person’. The only way is up.

love, isabelle

4 thoughts on “New Year 2018

  1. These are great goals, useful in lots of different ways, and I wish you the best of luck with them! Also reminded me that I need to make reading one of my resolutions 😀

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