No More Apologizing

Too often I find that I’m hesitant to tell someone I like a certain book, movie, tv-series or something else. There’s this little voice inside that tells us that we’re kind of stupid, or childish for liking certain things. This little voice makes us feel ashamed for liking what we like and for enjoying the things that make us happy.

I believe this doesn’t make any sense. Why should we be embarrassed to admit that something makes us happy? Isn’t that the best thing that a work of art or entertainment can do? Make us happy.
This exact thing is mentioned in one of my favorite movies; Liberal Arts. When they’re talking about a vampire novel Jesse tries to make Elizabeth understand that she shouldn’t like it. According to him it’s terrible, even though he hasn’t read it. Elizabeth tells Jesse ‘I liked it. It was fun and stupid. And it passed the time. And it’s not Tolstoy, but it’s also not television. And it made me happy.’

First of all, what effect does you liking something that someone else doesn’t have on that other person’s life. None. All that happens after having such a conversation is that you both know a little bit more about each other’s likes and dislikes and then you part ways. There will be no real consequence.

Second, no one should make you feel like what makes you happy isn’t right. So enjoy your “bad” Twilight movies and enjoy your “sick” 50 Shades of Grey. Go crazy dancing around your room, singing along to songs from Glee or from an album that’s so 2000’s you almost feel yourself returning adoring Cher Horowitz’ outfits. Because as long as something makes you happy, and it doesn’t harm anyone/anything, you should feel confident that it’s good. Even if someone doesn’t consider the entertainment that makes you feel happy as “good” – hell, they may even describe it with words such as “bad”, “terrible” and “total crap” – the fact that they don’t like it doesn’t mean that no one does.

Don’t let the world around you dictate what you should and shouldn’t like. Enjoy what makes you happy and remember to not ever feel ashamed or apologize for liking it. As long as something makes you happy it is good… no, great for you. We’ve got so many things that bring us down every day. So if there’s anything “bad” that you think is “good, you should enjoy it as much as you like.

21106804_1685698954797129_3724056242677389332_n(Picture taken from Facebook, not my property.)

love, isabelle


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